Teletubbies 2: Favorite Games

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Teletubbies 2: Favorite Games is a compilation of games, videos, and activities based on the 1997 BBC television series. Children ages one to four, with the assistance of an adult, interact with the Teletubbies and decide the order in which the activities are played. Activities include Hide and Peep (pick the right screen behind which the Teletubby is hiding), Roly-Poly (direct each Teletubby as it rolls down a hill and plays with favorite items like trees and flowers) and gymnastics, featuring the Teletubbies in various aerobic exercises working out to several musical themes. Indoors, the Teletubbies make Tubby Custard, which can be a big mess for Noo-Noo to clean up. As in the television program, videos on the Teletubbies' tummies show children involved in a wide variety of activities, ranging from craft projects to learning basic counting. The videos include How Fish Swim, Carnival, Washing the Car, Sophie's Art Circus, and Playing with Dough. Children can play along with the kids in the videos by creating fish tanks, making objects with the dough, and so forth. Also included is a small printable coloring workbook that highlights characters from the game. Teletubbies 2: Favorite Games contains a small but thorough manual intended to make the game easier for both the child and adult to enjoy together.

Game Controls

Left Mouse Button = click to access menus, initiate action, select icons ~ Michael L. House, All Game Guide