Children of Mana

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Square's popular action role-playing series returns to a Nintendo platform with the DS debut of Children of Mana. While previous games featured predominately outdoor locales and multiple towns to visit, the action in Children of Mana takes place within one town and across a series of multi-floored dungeons, similar in structure to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on GameCube. As up to four players explore each dungeon's floor, using a map on the lower screen to help guide them, they will confront numerous enemies and obstacles. The primary goal on each floor is to locate a hidden drop of mana and return it to its rightful place, the act of which automatically advances characters to the next floor until they eventually confront the dungeon's boss. Players engage enemies in real-time combat using a sword, bow, flail, or hammer, with each weapon possessing both a default and a special "fury" attack. Characters can further customize their attributes by finding and equipping different combinations of gems, and they can each summon one of eight elemental forces to assist in battle, replenish health, and more. Children of Mana also includes wireless support with a choice of four-player cooperative and competitive options.

Game Controls

R Button = turn pages/move the scroll bar/open/close command ring (weapons)
L Button = turn pages/move the scroll bar/open/close command ring (weapons)
Control pad = move character/select items
A Button = confirm/examine/talk/advance dialogue/use weapon/lift the gleamdrop/set down the gleamdrop
B Button = cancel/summon spirit
X Button = use weapons
Y Button = use recovery items
Start Button = open main menu/skip movie/pause game
Select Button = toggle upper-screen display (in the items screen)/unleash fury