Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

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Ford Street Racing plays out across a series of Los Angeles tracks such as "Canyon Road," "Central Plaza," "Chinatown," "Downtown," "Skid Row," the "Pacific Highway," and "Venice Beach." Players can race within a team, change which car they are driving during the race, and issue commands to gain tactical and positional advantages. Three groups of 18 officially licensed Ford vehicles include Classics, Performance, and High Performance cars such as the 1968 Mustang GT, 1970 Capri MK1 RS2600, 1975 Torino Sport, 2000 Ford SVT Cobra R, 2005 Mustang GT, 1985 RS200, 1995 GT90 Concept, and the 2007 Shelby GT500.

Game Controls


D-Pad or Analog Stick = menu navigation
X Button = accept
Square Button = special function
Circle Button = back
Triangle Button = special function
L or R Button = rotate camera
Home Button = quit game


D-Pad or Analog Stick Left or Right = steer
D-Pad Up = switch vehicle
D-Pad Down = rear view
X Button = accelerate
Square Button = brake, reverse
Circle Button = handbrake
Triangle Button = change view
L Button = team block
R Button = team boost
Start Button = pause
Home Button = quit game ~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide