Pipe Mania

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A remake of the classic Commodore Amiga title (later released on many other platforms as Pipe Dream), Pipe Mania is a puzzle game in which players lay down a series of pipe pieces in order to guide the mysterious and constantly moving substance known as Flooze from one end of the puzzle grid to the other. The 2008 version comes with updated visuals, new characters, new non-pipe pieces (roads and assembly lines, for example), and multiples floozes. There are more than 70 levels in all, set across seven themed worlds, and gamers can play in World, Arcade, Bonus, Multiplayer, and Classic modes.

Game Controls



Analog Stick or D-Pad = move cursor
X Button = place pipe, spin anti-clockwise (bonus "spin" mode only)
Circle Button = place pipe, spin clockwise (bonus "spin" mode only)
Square or Triangle Button = place pipe
L Button = speed up flooze, attack (versus mode only)
R Button = speed up flooze
Start Button = pause, skip tutorial
Home Button = quit game


Analog Stick or D-Pad = selection
X Button = confirm
Circle Button = back
Home Button = quit game