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Games include game, cover art, and case. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted. Bonus downloadable or promotional content may have already been redeemed. Cleaning and repair was done as required.

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MindJack is a futuristic shooter that lets players freely jump into the bodies of people, creatures, and even mechs to complete objectives. In the year 2031, you are part of a rogue team of special agents trying to stop an evil corporation's latest technology from being used against an unwitting populace. Combining elements of action and ole playing, MindJack lets you acquire various augmentations for your cybernetic character that will unlock new abilities in areas like stealth, hacking, and combat. Similar in concept to Deus Ex, MindJack allows you to use these skills to approach situations in multiple ways. You can directly engage groups of enemies simply by shooting at them, for example, try to sneak up behind them, or attempt to use social skills to extract helpful information. In addition to the story-driven campaign, MindJack also provides a virtual playground that can be freely altered by online players, as participants hack into the minds of soldiers, beasts, and other potential targets to interact with the world however they see fit. Characters can arm themselves with an assortment of upgradeable weapons, or they can engage foes in hand-to-hand combat using real-life fighting techniques.

Game Controls


L1 Button = throw grenade, jump (in wanderer phase)
L2 Button = aim
R1 Button = reload, jump (in wanderer phase)
R2 Button = fire guns, slide (while dashing), mind hack (in wanderer phase)
D-Pad = select menu options
Select Button = view info on main characters and participating players
Start Button = display pause menu, skip cut scenes
Triangle Button = change weapons
Square Button = pick up weapon, pick up ammunition, restore, mind slave
Circle Button = cancel, attack, finishing blow
Circle Button (Hold) = engage
X Button = confirm selection, dive, cover in or out
X Button (Hold) = dash (while moving)
Left Analog Stick = select menu options, move
L3 Button + R3 Button = hack out
Right Analog Stick = move camera, aim