Spider-Man: Edge of Time

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Spider-Man: Edge of Time places players in the roles of two different iterations of the web-slinging, wall-crawling superhero, crossing back and forth between two fateful eras, a century apart. The game's third-person action features fast-paced combat, escape sequences, platforming, and situational puzzles, as each hero endeavors through explosive set-piece missions to aid the other. In the role of Peter Parker, the modern-day "Amazing" Spider-Man, players help to stop a monolithic mega-corporation from taking over the world, 100 years in the future. As the future genetic researcher, Miguel O'Hara -- better known as Spider-Man 2099 -- players reach backward through the space-time continuum, to help prevent the untimely death of the original Spidey, 100 years earlier. Separated by a century but united by a common cause, the Spider-Man of today and the Spider-Man of tomorrow embark together on a mind-twisting quest to repair the unraveling fabric of reality itself. Although they can't meet in person, the two heroes find a way to communicate across the edge of time, in order to provide one another with mission-critical information. Many of the puzzles and tricky situations in the game require Spider-Man to take present-day actions that alter the future reality for Spider-Man 2099, and for the future hero to use his knowledge of the past to guide his predecessor from otherwise certain peril. Edge of Time was created by Activision's Beenox, the studio that developed 2010's well-received Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

Game Controls


D-Pad Left = ranged attack
Hold D-Pad Left = air launcher
D-Pad Right = web shots
D-Pad Down = melee attack
Hold D-Pad Down = charge attack
A Button = jump
Tap A Button = double jump
Hold A Button = web jump
Minus Button = web-strike/decoy strike
Control Stick = movement control
C Button = hyper-sense/accelerated decoy


Hold Z Button with D-Pad = camera control
Z Button = center camera
Minus Button = grab
Plus Button = spider-sense/objective tracker
2 Button = pause menu
1 Button = time paradox
D-Pad Up = special attack
Hold Control Stick Toward a Flat Surface = wall crawl
Tap the B Button = web zip
Hold the B Button = web swing
Shake the Wii Remote Repeatedly = break free from enemies