Pokémon Rumble Blast

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The first Pokémon title designed for Nintendo 3DS, Pokémon Rumble Blast has players venturing into the world of Toyland, home to over 600 miniature versions of their favorite Pokémon creatures. Instead of a ole-playing design with turn-based battles and exploration with a Pokémon Trainer, Rumble Blast has you directly controlling toy Pokémon in fast-paced, overhead-view battles that take place in real-time. Defeat an assortment of toy Pokémon within progressively challenging stages before taking on giant boss Pokémon. You can team up with a friend for cooperative action in an assortment of play modes, and the system's StreetPass feature is supported for battling other owners while on the go.

Game Controls


Circle Pad = move/select menu items
Home Button = display the home menu
D-Pad = move/select menu items
Start Button = display pause menu/filter and sort
Y Button = check pokémon info
B Button = back
A Button = talk/check/decide/send message
R Button = register a favorite
X Button = display switch menu