Persona 4 Arena

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Atlus' long-running series about demon-battling high-school teenagers abandons the realm of role-playing in favor of classic 2D fighting in Persona 4 Arena. Set two months after the events of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, players find themselves entering the "P-1 Grand Prix" fighting tournament in order to learn why the character Teddie is suddenly hosting a TV show. There are more than a dozen fighters culled from Persona 3 and Persona 4 (not including their persona alter egos), each offering unique heavy, light, and persona attacks, as well as persona rushes. Combat places a special emphasis on fast-paced combo attacks and defense, and gamers are encouraged to liberally switch back and forth between their character and his or her persona, though personae that take too much damage become temporarily unavailable. A number of gauges frame the cel-shaded, anime-inspired action, including: the "Life Gauge"; the "SP Gauge," which allows player to perform special attacks and even one-hit kills; and the "Burst Gauge," which can be used to send opponents sprawling backward. Persona 4 Arena also includes an online mode, as well as a unique story mode for each character.

Game Controls


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad = move the cursor
X Button = confirm selections
Circle Button = cancel selections/return to the previous scren
Start Button = open the pause menu


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad = move the character
X Button = strong attack
Circle Button = strong persona attack
Square Button = weak attack
Triangle Button = weak persona attack
L1 Button/X Button + Circle Button = furious action
R1 Button/Sqare Button + Triangle Button = evasive action
L2 Button = record in training mode
R2 Button = play in training mode
Select Button = reset position in lesson/training mode
Start Button = open the pause menu


Left Analog Stick/D-Pad = move the cursor/text log
X Button = next page/confirm
Circle Button = next page/cancel
Square Button = hide window
Triangle Button = toggle auto read
L1 Button = display/close text log
R1 Button = skip text automatically
R2 Button = skip text while held down
Select Button = hide control guide
Start Button = open the pause menu