Zed & Two Noughts

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This twisted black comedy is obsessed in turn with swans, twins, and decay. Alba Bewick (Andréa Ferréol) is involved in a swan-related car accident near the zoo. The accident kills two other women, the wives of two twin zoologists, Oliver and Oswald Deuce (Brian and Eric Deacon). Alba is lucky enough to escape with one leg. Eventually her doctor also removes the other "because it was dangerous for the spine." Meanwhile, the Deuce brothers, as a result of losing their wives, have become fascinated with the decay of corpses, and they start making rather gruesome time-lapse films to examine the process more thoroughly. Both brothers become involved with Alba. Needless to say, this film may not appeal to everybody. ~ John Voorhees, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Access
1. Mercury [11:11]
2. Apple [14:55]
3. Prawn [18:31]
4. Fish [8:51]
5. Crocodile [11:06]
6. Swan [9:46]
7. Dog [17:09]
8. Zebra [12:33]
9. Escargot [12:30]