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Chilean Raul Ruiz directed this psychological suspense thriller which might be described as Alfred Hitchcock meets La Femme Nikita. In Seattle, hit-woman Jessie (Anne Parillaud) enters a restaurant men's room, kills a businessman, goes home, falls asleep, and awakens aboard a Jamaica-bound plane, recalling the previous event as a nightmare. When just-married Jessie and her husband Brian (William Baldwin) arrive in Jamaica for their honeymoon, it becomes evident that Brian is trying to save Jessie, a rape victim carrying suicidal wrist scars. Sleeping in Seattle, minus the scars, Jessie awakens to plot another killing. Checking out an antiques shop, she sees the man from her dream, and she's immediately attracted to him. Parillaud described her character: "She goes through different sorts of reality, dream, fantasy, and illusion," seeking an exit from the trap of her psychological labyrinth. Shown at the 1998 ~Montreal World Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Meeting Place [4:39]
2. Honeymooners [3:39]
3. Paradise [4:12]
4. Cat Lover [4:44]
5. Consultation [4:34]
6. Killer Whales [3:27]
7. No Names [4:31]
8. On the Sea [4:04]
9. Without Warning [4:59]
10. Going Crazy [4:33]
11. Bottle of Bubbly [4:59]
12. Time Share [4:28]
13. Almost Last [3:51]
14. In & Out [4:25]
15. Gone Under [5:00]
16. Remember [3:38]
17. Pretending [4:13]
18. Women Are Worse [4:11]
19. Surprised [3:11]
20. Doctor's Orders [4:24]
21. Pull It Together [4:32]
22. Diminished Capacity [4:57]
23. Untrue [3:44]
24. Credits [3:15]

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