Vengeance of She [Widescreen]

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Killikrates (John Richardson) is the ruler of the city of Kuma, an idyllic civilization seemingly frozen in another time. In a religious ceremony, he waits for his Queen Ayesha (Olinka Berova) to return and be immortalized by a fiery ritual. The High Priest has other ideas and plants a look-alike from provincial France to take her place. The new girl has a boyfriend, a dedicated physician who must rescue his damsel in distress. The doctor battles against the evil machinations of the High Priest to save his true love and help the benevolent ruler keep his crown. Things get out of hand when the fire spreads out of control and Kuma is in danger of being completely engulfed in flames. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Selections
1. Start Program/Main Titles [3:46]
2. The Chase Is On [7:32]
3. Sexy Stowaway [2:52]
4. The Dream' [2:32]
5. Uncomfortable Dining [5:46]
6. The Wrong Way [4:08]
7. Beckoning Ayesha [3:33]
8. Scheming For Immortality [3:15]
9. The Psychic Man [2:32]
10. Gathering Of The Magi [3:15]
11. Ritual [4:33]
12. Death Of A Novice [5:20]
13. Hot Pursuit [10:40]
14. "It's me!" [3:55]
15. Mind Control Eyes [2:01]
16. Groomed For Immortality [2:12]
17. The Entrance Of She [3:36]
18. Visions Of Ayesha [1:48]
19. Dance Of Distraction [8:11]
20. The Secret Flame [7:17]
21. Star Beam [3:00]
22. "Don't go through the flame!" [3:42]
23. Killikrates Enters The Flame [1:38]
24. Ayesha Crumbles [3:04]
25. End Credits [:38]