House of Cards

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In Michael Lessac's lugubrious House of Cards, women's intuition beats out psychology in the battle against autism. The story begins in Mexico, where a little girl named Sally Matthews (Asha Menina) lives with her parents, scientists studying ancient ruins. When her father falls to his death, Sally is comforted by a Mayan mystic that tells Sally her father has gone to the moon. When Sally, her mother Ruth (Kathleen Turner), and her brother Michael (Shiloh Strong) return home to North Carolina, Sally begins to retreat into autism. She first stares silently at the night sky. Then she shrieks when Ruth wears a baseball cap the wrong way. Finally she develops the habit of scaling the roof of the house and other tall structures. This makes Ruth realize that there is something seriously wrong, and she takes her to see Dr. Jacob Beerlander, a psychiatrist who is an expert in autism. As Sally retreats more and more into herself, Beerlander and Ruth clash over the scientific approach versus the intuition of a mother. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Jump to a Scene
1. The Gods [5:17]
2. Going Home [6:40]
3. Adjusting [5:16]
4. Sally's dolls [6:11]
5. Heights [9:54]
6. The psychologist [6:02]
7. Observation [4:37]
8. House of Cards [8:10]
9. What is best for Sally [7:38]
10. Mother Vs. Doctor [4:48]
11. Looking for the link [3:54]
12. Climbing the Crane [4:03]
13. Taking Sally away [7:17]
14. Building the Link [6:52]
15. Questioning theories [7:11]
16. Dreaming [8:10]
17. Sally is back [6:50]

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