And God Created Woman [Widescreen]

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French director Roger Vadim pillages his own grave in this nominal re-make of his 1956 creamy sensation And God Created Woman -- the film that made Brigitte Bardot an international star. Unfortunately, he is unable to do the same thing for the cool and cryptic Rebecca DeMornay in this version. DeMornay plays an escaped convict who lands in the limousine of New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Frank Langella and seduces him. For some inexplicable reason, she turns into a hot singing act. DeMornay also seduces innocent stud carpenter Vincent Spano along the way and suckers the poor guy into marrying her so that she can get an early parole. But the joke is on him when she announces that their marriage does not include sexual relations. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

0. Chapters
1. Opening Credits [3:28]
2. Breaking In [3:04]
3. Chance Encounter [5:07]
4. Break Down the Walls [4:26]
5. A Business Deal [4:04]
6. Tying the Knot [3:11]
7. Released [6:03]
8. Audition [3:22]
9. Band Practice [5:06]
10. Family Values [8:23]
11. Thunderstorm [5:39]
12. Salsa [3:54]
13. Too Far Gone [3:01]
14. Playing Pool [5:27]
15. Jealousy [5:40]
16. Making Up [5:22]
17. Amateur Night [3:04]
18. Runaway [7:29]
19. Rock for Tiernan [9:11]
20. End Credits [2:43]