Gun Shy

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In this action-laced comedy, a cop on the verge of a nervous breakdown finds love at the least convenient time. Charlie Mayo (Liam Neeson) is an undercover agent with the DEA who was nearly killed when a sting set up to nail a gang of drug dealers went horribly wrong. The accident left Charlie shaken, and he's gone into therapy to hold himself together as he struggles through one final case before retiring. Charlie's superior (Mitch Pileggi) has set him up on another undercover assignment as he tries to bring in two Colombian drug kingpins and a low-level Mafiosi with delusions of grandeur (Oliver Platt). As Charlie makes his way through therapy, he's referred to a nurse (Sandra Bullock) interested in New Age healing techniques; now he has love on his mind as he tries to keep himself out of harm's way under increasingly dangerous circumstances. Gun Shy marked the feature directorial debut of television veteran Eric Blakeney. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Chapter Selections
1. Main Titles/Ready For The Ocen View [:01]
2. The Operation [5:57]
3. Nightmares [3:02]
4. Group Thrapy [2:17]
5. A Typically Bigoted Response [3:58]
6. "I Need To Look Good" [2:13]
7. An Anxiety Attack [2:01]
8. "Where Is That Good Happy Feeling" [:37]
9. "I'm Very Good At Reading Peoples Eyes" [5:23]
10. "He's An Animal" [2:11]
11. A Deeply Bonding Moment [4:33]
12. The Tyronny Of The Workplace [5:14]
13. Judy's Garden [1:13]
14. The Wasteland [3:48]
15. Put Away The Guns [:45]
16. Cris-Cris [4:08]
17. A Perfect Parable [5:01]
18. The Bean Issue [2:22]
19. Close Call [7:09]
20. Conspirators [8:39]
21. True Identity [8:25]
22. Showdown [7:01]
23. The Ocen View [8:03]
24. End Credits [2:37]

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