Sharky's Machine

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A William Diehl novel was the source of the oirish nailbiter Sharky's Machine. Sharky (Burt Reynolds) is an undercover cop who fouls up an assignment and is kicked downstairs to the vice squad -- a rough-shod bunch of hellraisers who make life miserable. Soon, however, Sharky's life does a 180 when he encounters Dominoe (Rachel Ward) a prostitute seemingly in danger from her interaction with a number of very seedy thugs. To protect her, Sharky lines the high-rise apartment across from her residence with security cameras and surveillance equipment -- which only makes matters sticky as Sharky begins to fall in love with her. The film opened to a very warm critical reception (Janet Maslin observed that "Burt Reynolds establishes himself as yet another movie star who is as valuable behind the camera as he is in front of it"). It also features one of the most dangerous stunts on film, wherein the late stuntman Dar Robinson free falls from 16 stories off the ground. The "machine" of the title refers to Sharky's fellow cops, played by heavyweights Brian Keith, Charles Durning, Bernie Casey, and others. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Jump to a Scene
1. Cityscape Credits (Street Life) [4:29]
2. Bust gone bad [3:09]
3. Bus under siege [2:29]
4. The snake pit [5:52]
5. Victor at play, Billy at work [3:05]
6. Collaring Mabel [2:37]
7. Code names [3:10]
8. Recruiting Nosh [2:13]
9. Our case [3:00]
10. Dominoe in view [5:44]
11. My Funny Valentine montage [3:08]
12. Zen and the art of surveillance [4:04]
13. Hotchkins visits [2:35]
14. One last time (Love Theme from Sharky's Machine) [6:55]
15. Other eyes [2:31]
16. Billy strikes [3:08]
17. Handling the case [5:32]
18. Kitten litter [4:03]
19. Riding with Victor [2:19]
20. Hitman's identity [2:14]
21. Back from the dead [3:57]
22. "Nobody owns me" [3:43]
23. How to hold people [3:57]
24. Details of a strange guy [2:19]
25. Hit and run [1:03]
26. Doodling [2:17]
27. Pulling the chain [3:46]
28. Ambush at Noah's house [1:46]
29. Smiley fingers Sharky [4:46]
30. Abandoning ship [3:13]
31. Accountable [2:36]
32. Brothers at odds [2:08]
33. Hunting Billy Score [3:17]
34. Officers down [5:09]
35. Taking a fall [1:53]
36. End Credits (Before You) [3:21]