Hijacking Hollywood

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A supposedly powerless production assistant shows a major movie mogul just how important he can be in this satiric comedy. Kevin Conroy (Henry Thomas) is a film student from Michigan who moves to Hollywood in hopes of getting his foot in the door of the movie industry. Kevin has a script he's been trying to shop around entitled "Three Days in a Salt Mine," but in the meantime he gets a job as a production assistant on the upcoming summer blockbuster Moby Dick II. Michael Lawrence (Mark Metcalf), the film's producer, has made a career out of taking classic novels and turning them into money-spinning tripe, and he expects this will be no exception; Michael is a terror to work for, and his lazy and stunningly foul-mouthed assistant Russell Bernside (Scott Thompson) is even worse. But Kevin and his roommate Tad Sheen (Neil Mandt) come up with a plan that will allow Kevin to get revenge and funding for his own project at the same time. One of Kevin's many jobs is to supervise the shipping of the exposed film to the processing lab; by hijacking Moby Dick II's very expensive special effects sequences and holding them for ransom, he's taken the future of the very expensive project into his own hands, though things hardly work out the way he expected. Hijacking Hollywood marked the feature debut for writer and director Neil Mandt, who also plays Tad. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Jump 2 Scenes
4. Chapter 1 [4:02]
2. Chapter 2 [8:21]
3. Chapter 3 [10:52]
6. Chapter 4 [12:05]
5. Chapter 5 [9:18]
7. Chapter 6 [18:58]
8. Chapter 7 [8:12]
9. Chapter 8 [10:32]