Big Kahuna [Widescreen]

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Three salesmen working for a firm that makes industrial lubricants are waiting in the company's "hospitality suite" at a manufacturers' convention for a "big kahuna" named Dick Fuller to show up, in hopes they can persuade him to place an order that could salvage the company's flagging sales. Phil (Danny DeVito) is in his mid-50s; he's devoted his life to his job but emotionally has little to show for it. He's learned to live with the loneliness of a salesman's life, but is smarting over the recent collapse of his marriage and is trying to quit drinking. Bob (Peter Facinelli) is a quiet but observant newcomer in his 20s, recently married and adjusting to his first business trip. And Larry (Kevin Spacey) is a bundle of energy who likes to drink, smoke, and start arguments; he's openly confrontational with Phil and Bob and quick to pick up on their foibles and failings. Phil and Larry become more impatient and bitter as the evening wears on, especially when they learn that "the big kahuna" already dropped by the suite; wearing someone else's name tag, he had a few drinks, talked with Bob about the recent death of his dog and Christianity, and never mentioned placing an order. Screenwriter Roger Rueff based the script on his play +Hospitality Suite; Kevin Spacey was a co-producer as well as starring as Larry. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. A Joke [1:57]
2. Clocks & Mirrors [2:25]
3. Aesthetic Values [4:26]
4. Hospitality Suite [3:30]
5. Different Standards [2:33]
6. Principle [4:36]
7. Coat Rack [2:50]
8. Words Handed Down [2:52]
9. Don't Press [4:35]
10. Swim or Fly [3:34]
11. Expert on Sports [4:36]
12. Grand Kahuna [4:07]
13. Stories [2:09]
14. Opportunity [4:06]
15. Garner Interest [5:00]
16. Murder Suicide [5:27]
17. Fester [6:00]
18. Love [3:37]
19. Nature of Things [2:26]
20. Cozy Up [4:06]
21. Doing Business [3:20]
22. Character [4:36]
23. It Goes On [4:39]
24. End Credits [3:00]