MTV's The Tom Green Show Uncensored

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@MTV's infamous Tom Green has undoubtedly benefited from the prevalent gross-out trend in comedy, but he is also a throwback to Andy Kaufman and a new phenomenon unto himself, sometimes taking his shock techniques so far as to evoke real pathos for the bit players -- his close friends and family, for sure, but also the unwitting man on the street who finds himself (or herself) caught up in Green's relentless mania. In this video, more of a behind-the-scenes documentary than a true "uncensored" clip show, we learn about the creation and execution of Green's most hilarious sketches through interviews with producers, writers, the film crew, and sidekicks Glenn Humplick and Phil Giroux. Features favorites like "Fun with Carnival Games," "Sexercise" with a group of senior citizens, and clips from the cancer special. ~ Sarah Welsh, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Index
1. Show Intro/Open [2:36]
2. One Crazy Day [9:48]
3. Fun With Old People [4:31]
4. Dead Cats and Other Happy Accidents [3:09]
5. A Man and His Mic [4:46]
6. Fabio Unclothed [3:49]
7. Poor Glenn [3:52]
8. The Tao of Phil [7:44]
9. Public Relations [8:07]
10. The Model Son [5:34]
11. Tom's Ball [4:02]
12. Show Outro [:39]
13. Credits [4:09]