First Spaceship on Venus [Widescreen]

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Originally released in East Germany as Der Schweigende Stern ("The Silent Star") and in Poland as Milczaca gwiazda, First Spaceship on Venus was partially intended as an anti-nuclear tract. In 1985, a strange, extraterrestrial spool is discovered, leading to a manned expedition to Venus. The multinational crew includes American Brinkman (Gunther Simon), African Talua (Juliusz Ongewe), and Japanese Sumiko Ogimura (Yoko Tani). After several special-effects setpieces (and reams of dogmatic dialogue later), the crew lands on Venus, only to discover that the planet's population was wiped out by a nuclear error. Armed with this knowledge, the expedition returns to earth with a warning for all mankind. The film was based on a novel by noted Eastern Bloc sci-fi novelist Stanislaw Lem. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapter Index
1. Main Title [1:11]
2. A Mysterious Object [6:35]
3. Expedition to Venus [6:52]
4. Blast Off! [6:05]
5. Life in Space [3:33]
6. Meteor Storm! [7:10]
7. Deciphering the Cosmic Document [5:08]
8. Trying to Land [3:43]
9. Life on Venus? [6:16]
10. Clues [5:57]
11. Following the Energy Line [3:03]
12. An Unusual Discovery [4:09]
13. Chain Reaction [6:41]
14. Unable to Life Off [2:44]
15. Disaster Averted [5:08]
16. The Price Paid [4:07]