Vampire Hunter D

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This animated Japanese feature is aimed at adult audiences and features bloodshed and nudity. The story is set in a grim and distant future wherein vampires dominate what is left of the human race. The story centers on a young woman who hires a famous vampire hunter after she is bitten by one herself. If D should fail her, the girl will be forced to join the ranks of the immortal damned. Vampire Hunter D was originally released with Japanese dialogue, but a subsequent English dub (directed by Carl Macek) is also available. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1
0. Scene Selections
1. Doris Encounters Magnus Lee [5:11]
2. Hunter for Hire [6:31]
3. A Threat to the Town [6:19]
4. Before the Night of Impure Blood [9:13]
5. In the Castle [7:36]
6. Doris Captured Rescue Attempt [8:33]
7. Conflicting Evil Plans [10:12]
8. Secrets and Revelations [9:58]
9. The Fall of the House of Lee [9:07]
10. Triumphant Departure [2:02]
11. End Credits [5:25]