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Writer-director Nicholas Barker opens the doors into the lonely, cruel world of single adults in New York City in this bleak comic quasi-documentary which uses real New York singles as actors. Barker selected his four stars from a series of telephone interviews. The two men and two women are unlucky in love and hungering for attention. Mikey Russo is a 54-year-old screenwriter who hasn't yet sold a major script. He is also an aspiring actor. Though his interest in film hasn't brought him riches, it has given him a way to meet women. Michael De Stefano is a 40-year-old transportation worker who has spent 15 years answering personal ads trying to find the perfect wife. He goes through many encounters patiently hoping. Middle-aged, divorced Brenda Monte is struggling with financial problems and the trials of raising a teenage daughter alone. She is sexually adventuresome. Amy Copp, 28, is a baseball fan who wants to find a husband before she hits 30, but her weight problem keeps preventing her from succeeding. Barker uses some scripted scenes to fill in gaps between his semi-documentary portrayals of the romantic misadventures of this motley group. ~ Michael Betzold, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. scene selections
0. Michael
1. "Nice Guys"
2. "That Queer Guy"
3. The Ad
4. The Dating Coach
5. "Still No Grandchildren"
0. Aimee
1. "Dumped By A Submissive"
2. "Techniques"
3. "A Night Of Terror"
4. "Humpty Dumpty"
5. The Dating Service
0. Mikey
1. "No Mutts"
2. "An Old Chicken"
3. New York Bar Scene
4. "A Real Mutt"
5. The Bachelor Days
0. Brenda
1. Brenda'S Problem
2. "Beat Me Up"
3. "Hook Or By Crook"
4. "Two Dicks A Day"
5. "Looking Healthy"
6. "Old, New, Borrowed, Blue"