Driller Killer

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Iconoclastic filmmaker Abel Ferrara made his directorial debut with this gory but fascinating horror tale about a troubled artist (played by Jimmy Laine, aka Abel Ferrara). Haunted by bizarre hallucinations and the fear he'll end up a wino like his father, the artist eventually snaps and begins taking out his frustrations on a growing number of homeless people, attacking them with a power drill. In time, his violent obsessions get worse and he begins attacking people closer to him, including an art dealer and a woman he's been dating. Ferarra also wrote several of the songs performed by a punk rock band in the film; he gained greater notoriety with his next film, the cult item Ms. 45. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Select a Scene
1. Opening Credits/Reno's Father [5:29]
2. Financial Insecurities [9:25]
3. The Cruel City [10:27]
4. Rabbit [8:49]
5. Urban Psychosis [8:19]
6. The Night Comes On. [9:14]
7. The Artist at Work [12:59]
8. Alone [5:52]
9. Red [3:03]
10. End Credits [6:21]