Suture [Widescreen]

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Suture, Scott McGehee and David Siegel's self-conscious exploration of identity and individuality, evokes a flashy remake of Edward D. Wood Jr.'s Jail Bait. Dennis Haysbert and Michael Harris play half-brothers Clay and Vincent Towers. Clay travels to Phoenix to meet with Vincent, whom he hasn't seen in years. Upon seeing one another, they are amazed at their resemblance to each other. Clay remarks, "Isn't it remarkable how much we look alike?" The problem is they look nothing alike: Clay is a black man who could pass for a Dallas Cowboys linebacker, while Vincent resembles Ralph Nader. Nevertheless, after their reunion, the characters in the film have trouble distinguishing between the two, which is good for Vincent. Responsible for a murder, Vincent decides to fake his own death by substituting Clay for himself -- since no one will notice the old switcheroo. Vincent arranges for Clay's body to be discovered in the aftermath of an automobile explosion. Then Vincent can flee and start a new life. Unfortunately for Vincent, Clay survives the accident. Swaddled in bandages and ointments, Clay is attended to by the beautiful Renee Descartes (Mel Harris), a plastic surgeon who busily reconstructs his face. At the same time, his psychiatrist Dr. Max Shimono (Sab Shimono) tries to reconstruct his memories. Before the healing process ends, Vincent tries to get to Clay and make sure that this time he really dies. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Scene Selections
0. Scene Selections
1. Dream Or Reality? [2:03]
2. So Long, Brother! [12:20]
3. "Is He Gonna Live?" [5:07]
4. Rebuilding Vincent [5:38]
5. "I Want To Remember" [5:48]
6. A Complex Personality [10:56]
7. "A True Gemini" [2:37]
8. "Free Association" [7:12]
9. Unsettled Homecoming [6:31]
10. "On Pins & Needles" [8:50]
11. "Who Looks Familiar?" [3:04]
12. California Dreaming [5:43]
13. "I'm Being Followed!" [4:57]
14. Final Confrontation [6:54]
15. "The Wrong Life" [3:58]
16. End Credits [4:03]