Tomorrow - The World

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14-year-old Skip Homeier repeats his stage role as an unreconstructed Hitler Jugend in the film version of the James Gow/Arnaud D'Usseau stage play -Tomorrow the World. A German orphan, Homeier is taken into the home of his American uncle (Fredric March), a gently liberal university professor. Though the son of an anti-Nazi, little robot-like Skip has become a parrot for the Third Reich, denouncing his late father as a traitor and being as nasty as possible to the professor's Jewish fiancee (Betty Field). Homeier accepts democracy only when the professor forgets his fuzzy-headedness and applies a little "physical culture." The moral really shouldn't be "Love America or We'll Break Every Bone in Your Body," but given the times in which it was made, Tomorrow the World can be forgiven its excesses. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Chapter Listings
0. Chapter Listings
1. Main Title; The Big Question [9:38]
2. Emil's Arrival [6:44]
3. True Colors [7:29]
4. School Days [5:59]
5. Problem Child [4:37]
6. An Ally? [2:40]
7. A Good German [6:12]
8. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing [10:05]
9. Going Too Far [8:47]
10. Hot Pursuit [5:13]
11. A Small Crack [8:29]
12. Turnabout [6:28]