Smilla's Sense of Snow [Widescreen]

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Julia Ormond stars as Copenhagen resident Smilla Jasperson, a reclusive, half-Inuit scientist who befriends a neglected Inuit boy who lives in her building. Arriving home from work one day, Smilla is mortified to learn that the boy has died in a fall from the building's roof. Suspicious because she knows that her young friend was afraid of heights, Smilla probes into the "accident." Her only ally is an enigmatic man known as the Mechanic (Gabriel Byrne), who also lives in the building and seems sympathetic. Smilla discovers that the boy's family is connected to a mining company conducting top-secret research in her ancestral home of Greenland. Then she spies the Mechanic and the company's president (Richard Harris) dining together. Is she a paranoid conspiracy theorist or a sleuth uncovering a bizarre murder mystery? When a retired secretary (Vanessa Redgrave) helps her make a critical discovery, Smilla sets off for Greenland, where the otherworldly, prehistoric answer to her questions awaits. Danish director Bille August's previous film Pelle the Conqueror (1987) also concerned the bond between an adult Denmark émigré and a child. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

Chapter List

Scene Selection
0. Scene Selection
1. Main Titles [:26]
2. Fire in the Sky [2:27]
3. The Death of a Child [:14]
4. The Little Inuit [1:40]
5. Case Closed [4:19]
6. Lagermann's Story [5:18]
7. Greenland Mining [2:58]
8. Moritz's Money [3:07]
9. A House Call [1:46]
10. Elsa Lübing [2:46]
11. The Archives [1:32]
12. Rough All Over [2:09]
13. The Troublemaker [3:46]
14. A Christmas Gift [1:03]
15. Dr. Tork [4:13]
16. The Hidden Tape [2:17]
17. The Tape's Secrets [1:01]
18. Shipwrecked [6:41]
19. Tailing Tork [2:23]
20. The Arctic Worm [3:20]
21. The Mechanic's Friend [1:47]
22. Hunted [:59]
23. The Kronos [2:31]
24. The Upper Deck [6:53]
25. In Danger [:08]
26. Like a Star [3:01]
27. Smilla's Surprise [2:39]
28. To Gela Alta [4:07]
29. The Living Meteorite [3:01]
30. The Way He Died [2:58]
31. Fire & Ice [4:26]
32. End Titles [7:06]