Mechanical Violator Hakaider

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In a future dystopia where the line between good and evil no longer exists, the citizens of Jesus Town are presided over by the malevolent Gurjev and his cyborg enforcer Michael. Though the majority of citizens have long since given in to their cruel ruler, a small band of rebels hold out hope that they will be able to create a new weapon that will put an end to Gurjev's reign of terror. When the rebels discover a long-imprisoned destruction rider known as Hakaider, rebellion leader Kaoru enlists the fearsome mechanical man's help in freeing Jesus Town of Gurjev's suffocating grip. Gambling on Hakaider as a savior is a double-edged sword however, as once Hakaider sets on the path of destruction there is little that can be done to stop him from destroying all of Jesus Town. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Access
1. Buried Treasure [9:58]
2. Now Entering Jesus Town [8:53]
3. Rebel Attack [10:59]
4. Burning Soldiers [9:16]
5. Hakaider Only Kills [10:46]
6. Secret Hangout [9:56]
7. I Am Evil [9:59]
8. Micheal Reborn [5:58]
9. Credits [1:35]