Rock 'N' Roll High School [Widescreen]

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Rock 'n' Roll High School is a prime example of a 1970s movie phenomenon: a cult film that was deliberately designed to be a cult film. High-schooler Riff Randell's (P.J. Soles) efforts to meet the Ramones are continually thwarted by ock & roll-hating principal Evelyn Togar (Mary Woronov). Ms. Togar is the zealous sort who conducts experiments on laboratory rats to prove the adverse effect of ock music on innocent teenagers. Riff knows that she'll have to be twice as clever and devious as Togar to get her daily supply of Ramones -- and thereby hangs our tale. A secondary plot involves the efforts of pimply student Eaglebauer (Clint Howard) to arrange a date with the very particular Riff. A deliciously anarchistic climax caps this never-a-dull-moment spoof of 1950s ock & roll musicals. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selection
1. First Day at Vince Lombardi High [3:46]
2. Opening Credits [4:37]
3. Smoking in the Boys' Room [2:31]
4. Eaglebauer Enterprises [2:27]
5. Hard Hearing [2:02]
6. Ear Mail [1:30]
7. Mouse Study [4:27]
8. Riff's Gift to the Ramones [4:08]
9. Dreaming Of Life After Togar [2:51]
10. Ticket Camp-Out [3:27]
11. Training Partner [3:11]
12. Riff on Angle Dust [1:50]
13. I Just Wanna Have Something [6:21]
14. I Want You Around [3:47]
15. Custom Van [4:57]
16. Road to Ruin! [2:35]
17. The Rockatorium [6:11]
18. Blitzkrieg Bop [2:19]
19. Teenage Lobotomy [2:19]
20. California Sun [1:48]
21. Pinhead [3:08]
22. She's the One [2:28]
23. Riff meets the Ramones [1:36]
24. Vinyl Bonfire [3:03]
25. Rock 'n' Roll High on the Air [3:38]
26. Do You Wanna Dance? [2:04]
27. One More Black Mark [2:39]
28. Schools out [2:17]
29. Rock 'n' Tributes [2:55]
30. Credits [2:07]