Pokemon 3 the Movie: Spell of the Unknown

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A handful of strange creatures prove just how dangerous the imagination can be in the third American feature adapted from the popular Pokemon animated series. Prof. Spencer Hale is an archeologist studying ancient Pokemon when he uncovers a strange breed of "pocket monsters" called "Unown," whose bodies form runic symbols that resemble the letters of the alphabet. The Unown can read people's minds and transform their fantasies into reality, and when the professor mysteriously disappears, his young daughter Molly is given the materials (and the Pokemon) her father collected. As Molly plays with the Unown, her home is mysteriously transformed into a crystal fortress that expands to envelop the entire community of Greenfield, and a number of dangerous monsters are released from Molly's daydreams -- one of whom captures her mother and spirits her away. Realizing the crisis is the work of the Unown, legendary Pokemon-trainer Ash leaps into action to capture the creatures and teach Molly about the dangers of the Unown. Pokemon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unown was distributed with an accompanying short subject, Pikachu and Pichu, which finds the most popular Pokemon visiting the city with his new friend. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
0. Pikachu & Pichu
0. Scene Selections
1. The Big City
2. Pikachu's Predicament
3. Roundabout Route
4. Junkyard Jubilee
5. Still Standing
6. Special Occasion
0. Pokémon 3: THE MOVIE
0. Scene Selections
1. Molly and Her Papa [2:31]
2. Professor Hale Vanishes [1:40]
3. Spell Unleashed [4:39]
4. Johto Faceoff [4:17]
5. Greenfield Crisis [3:39]
6. Ash's Mom Kidnapped [3:26]
7. World of Their Own [3:29]
8. Crystal Tower Trouble [3:05]
9. Fire and Water Entry [4:11]
10. Her Pokémon Wish [2:29]
11. Tougher Pokémon [4:37]
12. Underwater Battles [4:14]
13. Dreams Made Real [3:17]
14. Charizard to the Rescue [4:11]
15. Entei vs. Charizard [3:36]
16. No More Fighting [3:50]
17. The Unown Wreak Havoc [3:53]
18. Believe in Me [4:40]
19. Greenfield Restored [2:53]
20. Molly's Parents Return [4:41]