Crimson Rivers [Widescreen]

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Two very different policemen seeking the truth about separate crimes find a terrible common link in this thriller from France. Pierre Niemans (Jean Reno) is a noted French detective assigned to investigate a brutal murder at a prestigious college located high in the Alps; the victim was first disfigured and dismembered, then strangled to death. Niemans soon realizes the murder was not an isolated incident when several similarly mangled corpses are discovered. Meanwhile, in a town 150 miles away, a young police investigator, Max Kerkerian (Vincent Cassel), is called in to investigate when the grave of a ten-year-old girl is dug up and ransacked. While interviewing the mother (Dominique Sanda) of the young girl, he crosses paths with Niemans, whose investigation has led him to the same town, and the two men begin to realize a surprising and troubling link between the crimes. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. Start [5:11]
2. Pierre Niémans [1:33]
3. Guernon [2:51]
4. Post-mortem Exam [3:54]
5. Doctor Bernard Chernezé [4:20]
6. Max Kerkerian [2:05]
7. Tomb Desecration [1:52]
8. Stolen Class Files [2:25]
9. 38 Tons at 60 M.P.H. [4:59]
10. The Rector [2:58]
11. The Crimson Rivers [1:59]
12. Fanny Ferreria [5:23]
13. Sister Andrée [8:42]
14. Philippe on Ice [2:34]
15. Skinhead Social Club [6:22]
16. Sertys' Apartment [4:27]
17. The Same M.O. [3:05]
18. Third Victim [2:20]
19. The Killer Escapes [2:01]
20. Matching Prints [3:09]
21. Theories & Stories [1:07]
22. Empty Coffin [4:39]
23. Tea & Grenades [1:25]
24. Rémy's Thesis [2:36]
25. Road Kill [4:20]
26. A Message [3:15]
27. Twins of Evil [4:34]
28. Avalanche [3:41]