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A man who has tried cover the tracks of his past encounters a women determined to tell the world his secrets in this hriller produced for British television. Ben Turner (Paul McGann) is a happily married man in his late thirties who owns a used book shop and helps his wife run an inn in a small town in England. One day, Ben receives a startling bit of mail: 30 identical letters, each bearing just a seven word message, "What have you done with the body?" A woman named Rachel Munro (Amanda Burton) moves into the inn and starts asking pointed questions, and it's discovered that Ben is not who he seems to be. His real name is Peter Baxter, and in his late teens, he was convicted of the murder of a young girl. Peter always claimed he was innocent of the crime, and after spending 15 years behind bars, he fabricated a new identity as Ben Turner and started his life over. Now, Rachel, the mother of the girl who was killed years ago, has arrived determined to wrestle a confession from Ben, and get him to tell her where her daughter is buried. Matters become even more complicated for Ben when a local girl is discovered murdered in a manner remarkably similar to that of the crime that sent Peter Baxter to prison. Forgotten also stars Zara Turner, Karis Kopp, and Geraldine Alexander. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Chapters
1. A Girl Is Missing [3:06]
2. Finding A Clue [15:46]
3. Continuing The Search [11:05]
4. Questioned By The Law [12:04]
1. Taken To The Station [1:36]
2. An Unexpected Visitor [9:26]
3. Overhearing A Clue [10:44]
4. An Unloved Policeman [12:28]
1. A Setup Is Revealed [1:36]
2. An Interrogation [11:13]
3. A Missing Daughter [10:44]
4. A Daring Rescue [12:28]