Vampires in Havana

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Bawdy fun dominates Juan Padron's animated Vampiros en La Habana, a spoof of gangster and vampire movies. The setting is 1933, and a convention of vampire-gangsters is meeting in Havana to get their hands on a fabulous new potion called "Vampisol" that at last lets vampires out into the sun without the harmful effects of UV rays. Living proof is a young vampire who was raised so normally that he has no idea he is a vampire -- though that will soon change. His father is a carefree trumpet player who invented "Vampisol" in the first place. The problem now is to control the wild bunch of vampires who are after the stuff. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Credits [5:04]
2. Hi Uncle! [6:28]
3. Chicago [7:31]
4. Operation Trumpet [7:12]
5. Do It Some More [4:12]
6. You Can't Leave Now [6:10]
7. Vampisun [4:50]
8. Boy! It Tastes Good! [4:54]
9. It Hurts Lola [7:26]
10. Help Me, Lola [5:38]
11. Radio Vampire [8:59]
12. End Credits [1:26]