Doctor Dracula

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John Wainwright (Larry Hankin) is an author whose body and soul have been invaded by the reincarnated spirit of the sinister hypnotist Svengali. His best-selling new book on reincarnation not only admits this fact readily, but cites it as proof, though the public dismisses it all as an entertaining publicity stunt. The book's publisher, Sir Steven (Norman Pierce), knows better, however. He, like Svengali, is a member of the Society of the Bleeding Rose, a Satanic cult that has discovered the secret to immortality through human sacrifice and the theft of souls. Despite the new book's tremendous popularity, Svengali has a skeptic who challenges the veracity of his claims. Dr. Gregorio (Geoffrey Land) is a psychiatrist who disdains belief in the occult as superstition and quackery, but what Gregorio doesn't let on is the reason he considers himself an expert in such matters; he's actually a vampire, a creature of the undead who knows the truth about eternal life. Sir Steven demands that Svengali procure a fresh, untarnished soul for their society's wicked rituals, and nightclub dancer Trilby (Jane Brunel-Cohen) is chosen to replenish the Satanists' supply of psychic energy. Unfortunately, Wainwright's soul is fighting to regain control of the body that Svengali has stolen, flooding the evil hypnotist with strange feelings of love for Trilby that he can't control. Gregorio attends the Black Mass to disrupt the society's sacrifice with his vampiric talents, but he hasn't counted on the interference of Stephanie, (Susan McIver), a young woman who lost her mother to Gregorio's fangs and is bent on revenge. ~ Fred Beldin, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title; Night Visitor [5:05]
2. Cut Her Down to Size [11:14]
3. Svengali [9:10]
4. Blood Bath [6:56]
5. Possessed [9:22]
6. Positively Naughty [6:30]
7. The Ceremony [10:24]
8. Compulsion to Obey [6:18]
9. Babe in the Woods [4:58]
10. Double the Terror [6:42]
11. On the Loose [5:37]
12. Sacrificial Dame [7:09]
13. End Credits [:55]