Say Nothing [Full Screen]

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A woman discovers a casual affair may have led both her and her husband into dangerous territory in this hriller. Claire and Ed Needham (Nastassja Kinski and Hart Bochner) are a married couple whose relationship has been going through some difficult changes; Ed has lost his job, and his depression has led to a problem with alcohol. Claire takes a vacation alone, where she meets Julian (William Baldwin), a handsome and strongly persuasive stranger. Claire has a brief affair with Julian, but she soon finds herself feeling guilty about her infidelity and returns home determined to make a fresh start in her marriage. Claire comes home to the good news that Ed has found a new job, but Claire's hope turns to shock and suspicion when she meets Ed's new boss -- Julian. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Perfect World [3:20]
2. The Kindness of Friends [5:24]
3. Vacation With a Book [4:04]
4. I'm Married Too [2:32]
5. Dinner and Dante's Heart [3:12]
6. Like a Forbidden Dream [4:30]
7. A New Beginning [3:42]
8. A Steel-Trap Memory [5:12]
9. Perverse and Sophisticated [2:41]
10. Modeling Grace [2:59]
11. The Boss Bidding [1:43]
12. Say Nothing/Whatever It Takes [4:24]
13. The Importance of Mistrust [5:01]
14. The Cost of Doing Business [4:16]
15. About Julian's Wife [3:27]
16. The Confession [2:33]
17. Quitters and Killers [3:53]
18. Leaving Home [1:29]
19. The Babysitter Incident [5:00]
20. An Unfit Mother [3:33]
21. The Python Revealed [5:15]
22. The Setup [5:18]
23. Trapped [3:18]
24. Everyone Has a Limit [4:15]
25. Epilogue/Credits [3:13]