Jason X [Widescreen]

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Popular bogeymen Jason Voorhees terrorizes a group of nubile astronauts five centuries into the future in this sci-fi update of the Friday the 13th franchise. Early in the 21st century, Jason (actor/stunt man Kane Hoddar, filling the role for a fourth time) is experimented upon by army technocrats who hope to turn his supernatural invulnerability into a military application. Most of them meet a swift and bloody end -- except Rowan (Lexa Doig), a beautiful functionary, who traps the killer in a cryogenic stasis chamber. Unfortunately, she takes a machete blow in the process, gets frozen herself, and wakes up on a spaceship in the year 2455. The earth has long since been rendered uninhabitable, but the survivors include a group of archaeological students headed by Professor Lowe (Jonathan Potts), who hopes to make a quick buck by selling the corpse of the historical serial killer. The kids re-animate Rowan with the help of nanotechnology. Little do they know that a mere thaw job is enough to resuscitate Jason and reawaken his bloodthirst. Soon, the comely students and their space-marine protectors are being dispatched one by one. Help arrives in the form of a holographic chamber and an android named Kay-Em 14 (Lisa Ryder). Soon, though, Jason himself gets an upgrade -- just as the spaceship is getting ready to self-destruct. The tenth installment in the long-running horror series, Jason X was the first new entry to appear in almost a decade. In fact, the previous film, 1993's Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, was one of two installments whose titles erroneously contained the word "final." ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Evil Eye
2. A Calculated Flight Risk
3. "Cryogenic Breach"
4. "Museum-Quality Finds"
5. Bodies in Space
6. Resuscitation
7. "It's Old News"
8. Real-Unreal: Dead-Undead
9. Jason's Awakening
10. All About Money
11. Game Virtually Over
12. Special Forces
13. And Then There Was One
14. Crashing Through Solaris
15. Run for the Shuttle
16. Rowan's Rescue Mission
17. The Shuttle Disaster
18. The Monster and the Android
19. Thirty Minutes to Implosion
20. New and Improved Menace
21. "This Sucks on So Many Levels"
22. Emergency Space Walk
23. The Virtual 80's
24. Last One Through the Hatch
25. Wish Upon a Death Star
26. End Credits