Hoop Soldiers [LBX]

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Shay (Tank) is the leader of the Hoop Soldiers, one of the inner city's fiercest competitors in the secret indoor sport of caged three-on-three basketball, a game that is played with no rules. Punches and kicks are permitted by opponents as they struggle to slam dunk their way into a slimy crime boss' good graces. Bright and beautiful Rochelle Moore (Cassandra King), a video game designer on the brink of national success, infiltrates the netherworld of caged basketball, becoming friends with Cal (Jerome Green), one of the gangsters who runs the illegal betting operations. Cal, of course, would like the relationship to go further, until he learns that Rochelle has reported the game to the police. During the big game, Shay learns Rochelle is in danger and has to rescue her -- and win the game -- before it's too late. ~ Buzz McClain, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selections
1. Hoop Soldiers [7:32]
2. Prodigal Daughter Returns [8:47]
3. Real Action [7:40]
4. Cage Ball [7:18]
5. The Ugly Truth [11:06]
6. The House Always Wins [8:40]
7. Role Of A Lifetime [7:51]
8. First Day On The Job [9:39]
9. Snooping Around [7:12]
10. Callin' It Quits [9:52]
11. Busted [10:02]
12. End Credits [3:25]

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