Little Heroes

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A one-time Big Tobacco employee finds his plan to testify against his deceitful former employer complicated when the powerful cigarette pushers hire a pair of ruthless thugs to nab the whistleblower's son in this independent comedy for the entire family. Harry Burton used to work for a prominent tobacco company. But now that Harry's seen the light, he's looking to make a difference by taking the fight straight to Washington, D.C. Should Harry testify against his former employer, the ramifications could prove crushing for the struggling tobacco industry. Unfortunately Harry's former boss is well aware of what's to come, and in order to turn the tide in his favor he's hired a few heavies to kidnap the outspoken crusader's young son Charlie. Shortly after Harry and his wife bid their son goodbye and head for the airport, the two thugs arrive at the house prepared to do their dirty work. But these two bumbling brutes never counted on having to contend with Samson and Hercules, the loyal family dogs. Now, in order to protect their good friend Charlie, Samson and Hercules will set a series of traps designed to keep the bad guys at bay and ensure that Charlie stays safe while his dad flies to the capitol to stand up against one of the most powerful industries in the entire world. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Little Heroes [8:29]
2. The Plot Thickens [6:29]
3. Breaking In [8:16]
4. Quick Thinking [10:16]
5. The Traps Are Sprung [10:11]
6. The Getaway [13:52]
7. Car Trouble [11:24]
8. The Hide Out [5:26]
9. Pizza Delivery [4:45]
10. Doggie Decoy [6:02]
11. Busted! [3:09]
12. More Than One Hero [2:59]

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