My Wife is an Actress [Widescreen]

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Actor Yvan Attal follows up on his 1997 directorial debut of I've Got a Woman with this wry omantic comedy about a regular guy dealing with his wife's fame and career. Yvan (Attal) is a youngish sports writer who, through some improbable luck, finds himself happily married to the beautiful Charlotte (Charlotte Gainsbourg), a fantastically popular movie actress. All is going swimmingly for Yvan until a stranger plants the seeds of jealousy and doubt in his mind over his wife and her libertine profession. Meanwhile, Charlotte is in London, starring in a movie with a very seductive and sophisticated Terence Stamp. Soon misunderstandings pile upon misunderstanding until Yvan's marriage is on the verge of collapse. Can he keep his marriage together? This film was screened at the ~2001 Toronto Film Festival. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [3:03]
2. Family Dinner [4:35]
3. "It's Charlotte!" [1:34]
4. License & Registration [1:28]
5. Interviews [1:10]
6. Last Night in Paris [3:03]
7. An Artist's Artist [1:42]
8. Exactly the Same Way [1:08]
9. London vs. Paris [2:11]
10. Georges the Dummy [3:47]
11. A Kiss Is Just a Kiss [5:03]
12. "My Wife Doesn't Understand Me" [3:18]
13. A Fight With David [3:00]
14. The Nude Set [6:27]
15. A Package From John [2:58]
16. The Birth of a Flower [7:38]
17. Surprise [3:12]
18. A Bite on the Bus [3:55]
19. "You Have a Thing For Him?" [4:16]
20. Tai Chi at 6:30 AM [:57]
21. Birds of a Feather [9:21]
22. The Piano Metaphor [1:49]
23. "Singalong Junk" [4:00]
24. Caught in the Act [2:53]
25. "You Opened My Eyes" [1:32]
26. Making the Bartok Scene [1:55]
27. "You're a Great Actress" [3:32]
28. "I'm Pregnant!" [5:23]