Swept Away [Widescreen]

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Guy Ritchie, best known for the tough-guy crime comedies Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, goes for a change of pace with this remake of Lina Wertmuller's 1974 comedy-drama, with his wife Madonna in tow. Amber Leighton (Madonna) is the wife of Dr. Anthony Leighton (Bruce Greenwood), the wealthy and successful head of a pharmaceutical company. While Amber seemingly leads a charmed life, it doesn't appear to make her very happy, and she often inflicts her typically foul mood on those around her, especially the hired help. Anthony decides to surprise Amber with a cruise from Italy to Greece, with four of their friends in tow, but Amber doesn't much care for the notion. Amber feels the yacht they've hired is far beneath her standards, and she makes Giuseppe (Adriano Giannini), the first mate of the crew, the primary target of her dissatisfaction. Giuseppe, an ardent leftist, feels nothing but contempt for Amber, but for the sake of his job he can't say a word in response to her attacks. One day, Amber declines an invitation to go diving with her friends, but later changes her mind, demanding that Giuseppe take her to the underwater caves. Giuseppe warns Amber that a storm is brewing, and his prediction proves to be right on the money; soon, Amber and Giuseppe are stranded on a desert island, and suddenly they discover the tables are turned. Giuseppe, a trained fisherman and outdoorsman, knows how to survive on the island, while Amber is utterly helpless, and he forces her to cower under his commands in order to survive; before long, their mutual antagonism has begun to turn into something approaching unfettered lust. Adriano Giannini, who plays Giuseppe, is the son of Giancarlo Giannini, who played the equivalent role in Wertmuller's original film. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [3:44]
2. The Gym [3:14]
3. Lizard Under the Sun [1:12]
4. The Laws of Capitalism [4:36]
5. The Advantages of Chemicals [2:15]
6. Peppe's Fantasy [2:56]
7. Fooking Fish Dinner [7:22]
8. Swept Away [7:25]
9. Land! [1:15]
10. "We're On A Deserted Island!" [3:06]
11. Peppe the Survivalist [2:31]
12. Some Fish Can't Be Bought [3:13]
13. The Master & His Slave [3:14]
14. Accepting Peppe's Terms [1:37]
15. "I Want to Be Waited On." [:43]
16. "Come-On-A-My-House" [2:20]
17. Obsessed With Justice [1:55]
18. Capitulation [2:12]
19. Society Says [3:12]
20. A Leaky Roof [4:08]
21. "Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens" [1:17]
22. "I Love You." [1:48]
23. "Fade Into You" [1:53]
24. All That Amber Wants [2:41]
25. Rescued [2:55]
26. A Reflection of Appreciation [1:23]
27. Instructions For the Blonde Lady [2:15]
28. Return to Sender [3:59]