Wide Blue Road [Widescreen]

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La Grande Strada Azzura was also released as Squarcio, which happens to be the name of the character played by star Yves Montand. Squarcio is a provincial fisherman who expedites his daily catch through the illegal use of dynamite. The other villagers disapprove of Squarcio's methods, but they refuse to turn him into the authorities. Our hero finds out that he has no real friends when he's on the verge of being caught in the act. Promising to mend his ways, Squarcio goes back to his old tricks as soon as the heat is off. His final comeuppance both predictable and inevitable, but cleverly handled by director Gillo Ponteverco. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title; Fish Bomb [10:03]
2. The Day's Catch [4:40]
3. Coming Home [7:52]
4. A Terrible Accident [10:20]
5. The New Chief [8:02]
6. A Bad Year [3:32]
7. New Motor [11:16]
8. Close Call [6:09]
9. Tough Times [10:24]
10. Salvage Mission [9:48]
11. The Dance [8:40]
12. "A Great Day For Fishing" [8:13]