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This Australian animal adventure begins at a Queensland farm where young Billy (Jamie Croft), who lives with his widowed mother Penny (Rebecca Gibney), likes to watch the kangaroos, including baby Joey. Mean-spirited neighbor Dixon (Errol O'Neill) hires brutish Kanga Catcher (Harold Hopkins) to remove the 'roos. They are drugged and carted off, leaving Joey without a mother, so Billy heads for the city with Joey in his backpack. After he teams with Linda Ross (Alex McKenna), free-spirited daughter of American ambassador Ted Ross (Ed Begley Jr.), the two youths take off to reunite Joey with the kidnapped kangaroos. Sydney street scenes shown here are actually in Brisbane. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Title/Paradise [3:47]
2. Dirty Work [2:12]
3. Crazy Billy/Fight! [3:45]
4. $50,000/Weird? [4:05]
5. A Hard Man/Ambush [2:53]
6. "Joey!" [3:36]
7. Little Roo, Big Mess [6:07]
8. Joey's Needs [1:54]
9. Midnight Express [5:01]
10. Sydney/Loss [5:13]
11. Linda [3:19]
12. Whose Roo?/Partners [6:28]
13. Kangaroo Kingdom [5:19]
14. "I Don't Care!" [3:38]
15. Immunity [6:05]
16. Parents. Kids. Roos. [4:32]
17. Lady Luck/Big News [3:21]
18. Underground World [7:41]
19. We're All Animals [5:50]
20. Payback/End Credits [6:02]