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Brilliant surgeon Dr. Frank N. Stein (John Hart) employs a new experimental technique on horribly-wounded Vietnam veteran EddieTurner (Joe De Sue), combining restorative surgery to his limbs with injections of altered DNA. Problems arise when Stein's assistant becomes insanely jealous of Ed's girlfriend and switches the DNA injections, resulting in Eddie's transformation into a lumbering monster with a cylindrical Afro and a fondness for attacking scantily-clad women and popping off people's heads like champagne corks. A poorly-conceived attempt to put a "blaxploitation" spin on another classic horror pantheon (in the mode of the far-superior Blacula released the previous year), this film emphasizes crude exploitation at the expense of creativity, leaving only a gory, misogynist mess. ~ Cavett Binion, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Titles [10:52]
2. What's Wrong With Eddie [15:21]
3. Night Terrors [10:23]
4. Eddie Walks [8:42]
5. Revenge and Murder [12:20]
6. "Cool It, Baby" [8:07]
7. Murder at the Parisian [8:17]
8. Retribution [6:02]
9. Send in the Dogs [5:01]
10. End Credits [1:19]