Blue Sunshine [2 Discs]

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Several former college students find their former drug experiences catching up with them in an unexpected and terrifying manner in this clever horror outing. Jerry Zipkin (Zalman King) is a bright but troubled man in his late twenties who graduated from Stanford University in 1968 but hasn't had much luck getting his life in order since then. One night Jerry attends a party with a few old college buddies, and is shocked when one of them, Frannie (Richard Crystal), suddenly loses all his hair in a single lump and goes on a bloody rampage. When circumstantial evidence makes Jerry a key suspect in the murders of three women at the party, he sets out to find out what happened, and with the help of another school friend, surgeon David Blume (Robert Walden), he discovers a link between Frannie's bizarre behavior and several similar incidents which recently occurred. In each case, the killers attended Stanford in the late '60s, and all had used Blue Sunshine, a potent but tainted variety of LSD sold by Ed Flemming (Mark Goddard), a bootleg acid chemist who is now a respected mainstream political candidate. Jerry struggles to stay one step ahead of the law as he tries to piece the story together, knowing that another victim of the drug could go insane at any moment. Blue Sunshine was directed by Jeff Lieberman, who has two other cult favorites to his credit, Squirm and Just Before Dawn. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- The Movie
1. Main Titles [7:27]
2. The Party [9:14]
3. Wrongly Accused [7:38]
4. A Bad Hair Day [2:32]
5. Tangled Mystery [5:33]
6. Scene of the Crime [5:30]
7. "Here Is the Future" [5:14]
8. Standford Connection [10:52]
9. Let's Go Shopping [2:59]
10. Wigging Out! [10:17]
11. Investigation [2:29]
12. In the Park [3:54]
13. Target Practice [3:03]
14. The Last Rally [4:29]
15. Disco Destruction [6:18]
16. Showdown [5:19]
17. End Titles [1:39]

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