Eleonora Goya: Aerobico Bajo Impacto

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For years, Eleonora Goya has been a fixture on Latin-American television with her popular workout shows. Her videos put her knowledge and experience to work for the beginner home-fitness buff, giving them the basic skills needed to master a variety of fitness techniques. Eleonora Goya: Aerobico Bajo Impactico covers, as its title translation might imply, low-impact aerobics in all their fat-burning varieties. ~ Michael Hastings, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Introduccióne [1:50]
2. Calentamiento [18:49]
3. Segunda Rutina [4:17]
4. Tercera Rutina [3:41]
5. Todo Junto [9:30]
6. Frecuencia Cardiacal [2:00]
7. Bajando la Frecuencia Cardiaca [6:49]