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Deepa Mehta directed this Indian-Canadian romantic drama, the second part of a trilogy. Based on Bapsi Sidhwa's autobiography, -Cracking India, the story is set in 1947 in Lahore, where Hindu, Sikh, Parsee, and Muslim share a peaceful co-existence. Events are seen from the point of view of eight-year-old Lenny (Maia Sethna), a girl from an affluent Parsee family. Lenny's nanny, Shantya (Nandita Das), is involved with the Muslim Masseur (Rahul Khanna). When a train of Muslims arrives at the local depot and all the passengers are found murdered, the various sects turn against each other, and the city is soon aflame. Shown at the 1998 ~Toronto Film Festival. ~ Bhob Stewart, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
2. Living in Lahore [2:51]
3. A British Soldier and an Indian [4:33]
4. The Park [4:09]
5. "Put Me Down!" [2:47]
6. Many Types of Kites [3:14]
7. Ballroom Dancing [4:02]
8. Long Live Pakistan! [1:54]
9. Allah's Telephone [6:50]
10. Papoo's Bridegroom [4:06]
11. English Pudding [9:48]
12. We're Leaving Lahore [2:51]
13. The Train From Gurdaspur [7:12]
14. Long Live India! [8:15]
15. Pull Harder [5:12]
16. Fallen Women [2:46]
17. Don't Cry [9:49]
18. Hiding [2:36]
19. I'm Getting Married [3:00]
20. This Is a Parsee House [6:54]
21. Was It All Worth It? [6:51]