Curly Sue [Widescreen]

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John Hughes dishes out the sentiment by the ladle-full in Curly Sue. The film stars James Belushi as Bill Dancer, a down-on-his-luck drifter who lives by his wits on the highways and byways of the United States, stealing free meals, slipping into movie theaters, and sleeping in welfare hotels. Bill is also the guardian of cute pint-size moppet Curly Sue (Alisan Porter), a cutey pie cross between Little Orphan Annie and Tatum O'Neal's Addie Loggins character from Paper Moon. Bill and Curly Sue are a perfect con team, and they practice their scams when they need money for food. Pulling a knockdown car-accident scam, Bill makes hard-bitten Chicago lawyer Grey Ellison (Kelly Lynch) think that she slammed into him with her car. She buys dinner for the two mountebanks before being taken away by her snotty boyfriend Walter McCormick (John Getz). But the next morning, Grey actually does hit Bill with her car, and she takes the two back home with her. At first, Grey can't seem to get Curly Sue out of her mind, but then she finds herself falling in love with Bill. They begin to form a perfect family until Walter puts in a call to the Department of Children and Family Services. ~ Paul Brenner, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Keepsakes (Credits) [4:04]
2. Free Eats; Grey's Grind [4:17]
3. "You Killed My Daddy!" [2:32]
4. Rocky Feller's [5:07]
5. Second Thoughts [4:19]
6. Chow in Church [2:04]
7. Running Into Each Other [2:54]
8. Cleaned and Fed [6:02]
9. Questions and Mementos [5:09]
10. Angel Kisses and Anthems [3:21]
11. Walker Unannounced [3:27]
12. Trina Unannounced; Poker Party [4:17]
13. Grey Confronts Bill [5:51]
14. "Bill'll Take Care of It" [2:31]
15. A Job; a Little Nice [3:39]
16. Sprucing Up [3:53]
17. Playing Dressup? [4:43]
18. Taking Grey Out [7:53]
19. Romance With Music [3:15]
20. Tightened Screws [2:08]
21. The Law Steps In [5:07]
22. Going "Quality of Life" [2:42]
23. Recovering Curly Sue [1:58]
24. Where's Bill? [5:00]
25. Off to School [1:43]
26. End Credits (You Never Know) [3:48]

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