Casual Sex? [Widescreen]

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In the late '80s, good-time girl Stacy (Lea Thompson) and her timid friend, Melissa (Victoria Jackson), decide to hit a health spa for singles in hopes of spicing up their unfulfilled sex lives. Afraid of AIDS, Stacy has gone celibate, while Melissa has only ever managed to get it on with two lame guys. Arriving at the resort, the women spend their time working out, flirting with staff members, making friends and enemies with their fellow singles, and avoiding the attentions of the oafish Vinny (Andrew Dice Clay). When a cruel psychologist plays mind games with Melissa, she finds solace with Vinny, then flees the spa, interrupting an incipient romance between Stacy and a cute aerobics instructor. Wendy Goldman and Judy Toll adapted their own stage play, while Casual Sex? provided director Genevieve Robert her only feature credit to date. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Main Titles [1:50]
2. Stacy and Melissa [5:40]
3. Safe Sex [3:18]
4. On Vacation [5:33]
5. International Night [8:48]
6. The Spa [6:19]
7. Girls' Night [5:30]
8. A Dance [7:31]
9. Happy Hour [5:53]
10. The Morning After [3:07]
11. Going Home [7:59]
12. Moving In [4:16]
13. Vinnie Tries Again [6:11]
14. The Breakup [4:13]
15. The Letter [2:11]
16. 6 Months Later [3:51]
17. 6 Years Later [1:36]
18. End Titles [3:19]