Corner [2 Discs]

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The toll that drugs and crime have taken on an economically-depressed African-American neighborhood in Baltimore paints the backdrop for this miniseries produced for and initially aired by the premium cable network @HBO. Gary McCullogh (T.K. Carter) was once a hard-working man with an education and a solid career, but after succumbing to the lure of heroin, Gary has lost his job, home, and wife -- and now steals whatever he can find to support his habit. Gary lives with his girlfriend Fran Boyd (Khandi Alexander), who is also addicted to heroin. While she's all too aware of the pitfalls of her life and wants to clean up, she has trouble getting medical help and her willpower is too weak for her to kick the habit by herself. Fran's 15-year-old son DeAndre (Sean Nelson) has seen enough of his mother's troubles to be wary of using drugs, but while he would prefer to stay on the straight and narrow, dealing crack is one of the few job options open to him in his neighborhood, especially after his allergy to seafood causes him to lose a job in a restaurant. The Corner was based on the book of the same name by Edward Burns and David Simon, which examined one year in a real-life Baltimore neighborhood; Simon collaborated on the teleplay with David Mills, and noted actor Charles S. Dutton directed. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. Descent into Drugs
2. Hustling for a Living
3. Looking for Handouts
4. Like Father Like Son
5. Desperation
6. Locked Up
1. "I Can Jail if I have To." [:07]
2. Structure and Discipline [6:30]
3. Put Out [2:04]
4. "Out There Trying..." [4:11]
5. Stolen Stash [6:09]
6. "It Can Get Better." [6:31]
1. A Mother and A Drugger
2. "I'm Trying Too."
3. "Can't Cry When the Game Plays You."
4. Cause to Celebrate
5. "I Can't Make It."
6. "It Hurts to Watch."
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. "There's A Corner Everywhere." [:07]
2. Bulletproof [5:54]
3. "A Long Time Coming." [3:36]
4. "Top Crab" [2:52]
5. No More [4:42]
6. "If it Were Up to Me..." [1:25]
1. "A Man Child Alone." [:07]
2. Consequences [5:58]
3. Time to Get off the Corners? [4:49]
4. Earn Your Keep [1:14]
5. Loyalty? [5:59]
6. Ready or Not [3:36]
1. "The Devil You Know" [:07]
2. Playing Around [6:09]
3. Appearances [6:26]
4. And They All Fall Down [6:01]
5. "I'm A Drug Addict." [6:00]
6. And Then... [1:04]

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