365 Nights in Hollywood

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A midwestern girl heads for Hollywood in hopes of becoming a star. She is accompanied by two good buddies and this comedy chronicles their adventures in Tinseltown. It all begins when the new arrivals enroll in a bogus acting school run by two con artists. A wealthy entrepreneur shows up looking to invest his money. One of the greedy grifters persuades him into financing a film starring the new girl from Peoria, but he gives one condition to the businessman: if the film fails, the conman gets to keep the money. To insure failure, the fellow hires a washed up boozer of a director. The director takes the job seriously and wants to prove that he is not a has-been. This doesn't set well with the "producer" who has his partner take the starlet to a remote cabin and leave her stranded after he gets drunk and passes out. By this time, the director has fallen in love with the girl. Meanwhile, her buddies have found that they'd rather go home and resume their old jobs. The director begins looking for the girl so he can save her and his career. Her buddies hear of her predicament and they too rush to her rescue. It is they who return her safe and sound to the studio. The director makes his film and it is a smash hit. The girl becomes a star and the conmen go to jail. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Opening Title [:34]
2. The Rise and Fall of Jimmy Dale [1:37]
3. The Delmar Academy [4:19]
4. Miss Alice Perkins [9:45]
5. Mrs. Carrie's Sunday Night Frolic [5:48]
6. The Hollywood Dream [2:22]
7. Alice's Day Job [3:05]
8. Smells Like Money [7:18]
9. Making a Picture [15:01]
10. A Change of Plans [14:31]
11. The Show Must Go On [6:42]
12. More Show to Come [3:47]