Love God?

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In this uneven comedy, Abner (Don Knotts) is the editor of a bird-watching magazine who is the victim of a hostile corporate takeover by Osborn Tremaine (Edmond O'Brien). When Abner returns from a bird-watching excursion to Brazil, he finds his publication has been purchased for the fourth-class mailing permit. Osborn turns the publication into a girlie magazine and puts his wife Elanor (Maureen Arthur) on the front cover. Still listed as an editor, Abner becomes The Love God as the public perceives him as a Hugh Hefner-like character, epitomizing the life of a swinging bachelor playboy. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
2. What is Beauty? [1:41]
3. Saving the Peacock [2:34]
4. The Big Pledge [5:29]
5. Every Photographers Dream [:25]
6. Dirty Abner [4:52]
7. Constitutional Rights [2:40]
8. Sex Sells [4:52]
9. The Love God [3:26]
10. Good Breeding [2:34]
11. The Descent Thing to Do [5:06]
12. Sexual Magnetism [1:15]
13. Abner's Penthouse [4:56]
14. America's Sex Symbol [1:35]
15. The Peacock Club [2:01]
16. A Little Nobody [2:00]
17. Rose Ellen [3:57]
18. Is He or Isn't He [:50]
19. Hit and Run Romeo [5:05]
20. Do You Take This Woman? [2:52]
21. End Titles [1:54]

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