Daddy Day Care

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Two fathers get a crash course in caring for kids other than their own in this family-friendly comedy. Charlie Hinton (Eddie Murphy) is an advertising executive whose job monopolizes his time, making it difficult for him to stay in touch with his young son, Ben (Khamani Griffin). However, after Charlie and his partner, Phil (Jeff Garlin), are given their pink slips in the wake of a disastrous campaign for a new breakfast cereal, Charlie's wife, Kim (Regina King), goes back to work, and with the family budget tighter than before, Charlie becomes a stay-at-home dad. After pulling Ben out of an expensive and exclusive daycare center run by the humorless Gwyneth Harridan (Anjelica Huston), Charlie comes up with a brainstorm -- since he and Phil watch their own children every day, how much harder could it be to watch a few more kids and open their own day care center? Charlie and Phil discover there's much more to running a daycare center than they ever imagined, but after a very rough start, with the help of likable slacker Marvin (Steve Zahn) their new business becomes a success -- so much so that Harridan finds herself losing customers to the upstart fathers, and she starts searching for a way to shut them down. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Chapter List

Side #1 --
1. Start [:23]
2. Charlie Hinton [2:23]
3. Veggie-O's [2:20]
4. The Chapman Academy [1:18]
5. Health Division Shutdown [4:12]
6. Value Alternatives [1:58]
7. Taking a Flier on Daddy Day Care [8:12]
8. Open Enrollment [1:35]
9. The Mission Statement [3:17]
10. Big Phil with the Guitar [2:24]
11. Sugar Time [1:27]
12. IT Is Happening [7:09]
13. "Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!" [3:08]
14. Dan Kubitz, Child Services [1:32]
15. The Third Care Provider [4:44]
16. The Focus Group [5:44]
17. "Ballroom Blitz" [1:45]
18. Pet Day [2:33]
19. The Man of the House [6:47]
20. "Flash Is Gone!" [2:30]
21. Mr. Kubitz' Puppet Show [1:38]
22. Rock for Daddy Day Care [2:57]
23. Proposals & Propositions [4:16]
24. The Dream Is Over [2:12]
25. Cotton Candy Puffs [2:45]
26. Back in Business [2:32]
27. Six Months Later [3:11]
28. End Credits & Outtakes [2:51]